Excellent Tiger Fishing Sites

Tiger fish is one of the most desired African fish species to the freshwater fisherman and offers some really good fishing spots, situated in some stunning areas of Southern Africa.

What is totally refreshing and most welcoming is the fact that a number of these fishing spots have well equipped fishing lodges, that fortunately are different to those ostentatious offerings of the big five game lodges scattered about Africa. The fishing lodges offer sufficient, comfy lodging without the exaggerated pretentiousness of the accommodation levels of lots of the game lodges, complete with antique furniture, Louvre like art, the costliest of wines and Islay whisky, as well as Romeo et Juliet cigars – how vulgar! Fishing lodges are proudly located in nature, sans Egyptian cotton linens, and offer things to do with nature such as game viewing and bird watching. Additionally they offer great, down to earth accommodation, meals as well as company — all this apart from excellent fishing along the finest of African fishing spots. For more information on tiger fishing spots go to http://www.afrig.co.za.

Some such fishing spots can be found in the heart of Mozambique, along the shores of the Cahorra Bassa Dam into which the Zambezi River flows prior to departing to its mouth in the Mozambique Indian Ocean some 600 kms further. The actual Cahorra Bassa offers Tiger Fish up to 11 kilo’s and Vudu as much as 40 kilo’s — real exciting fishing for the enthusiast amidst a relaxing and delightful environment far from any kind of antiques or Mona Lisa’s. Angling for Tigers can be done by trawling, spinning or even the utilization of bait and provides great fun with occasionally lengthy battles with a Tiger at the end of the line. Should Cahorra Bassa be a bit remote for you, there are similarly good fishing lodges along the Caprivi area and located upon islands on the Zambezi River, with up seventy species of fish waiting for your bait, including of course Tiger Fish. Every one of these lodges in the Caprivi area offer good value for money with fly in options from South Africa. To offer a few activity apart from fishing, these lodges are equipped to run game viewing trips and their guides are aux fait with the local population of birds with up to 400 varieties available to your binoculars. So, even if you went to these fishing spotswithout even taking a fishing rod in your hand, you might have a great time in nature, walking, watching and learning in what the bush has to offer.

The actual Tiger Fish found in the Zambezi River (Hydrocynus vitiates) of which the actual record is actually fifteen Kg, is distinctly different from the Goliath Tiger Fish (Hydroconus goliath) found in the Congo River system which reach weights as high as one hundred Kg. The Zambezi species none the less, is an exciting fish to catch and offers spectacular opportunities when using a spinner.The pallet of the Tiger Fish is actually of bone and rather hard, so it is inclined to dislodge any hook with relative ease unless of course the fish is actually well struck on taking the lure or bait. This results in many fish being lost by inexperienced fishermen. Tiger fish are renowned for ‘tail walking ‘ whenever struck and can frequently battle to absolute exhaustion.


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