People Who Would Use Some Sort Of Bakkie

Although there are lots of various kinds of car to choose form there are specific kinds of people who have a much more limited choice in terms of what they’re able to use. There’s a subset of people that will nearly be forced to make use of a pick-up or bakkie, as it is more colloquially known in South Africa. Let’s have a look at a few examples.

Landscapers and gardening companies

The gardener or gardening company will have a number of large pieces of equipment that they’ll need to transport from job to job. They will also have workers that they need to transport. In South Africa this really is usually done by means of a bakkie. The gear as well as employees for the day are loaded within the loading bay of the automobile and dropped off at the various jobs which are scheduled for the day. Even though it is not legal to transport passengers in the open loading bay, many business people in this field don’t have a choice as they are not able to pay for a better transport option.

Farm owners

Numerous farm owners are on a tight spending budget and can’t afford to buy the larger 4×4 kind of automobile. Instead they buy the tough little bakkie and use that as a workhorse for their farms. They will use the actual bakkie to transport food for their animals and to get from one end of the farm to the other. It’s really a less expensive form of transport than a 4×4 would be. A bakkie is usually a tough little automobile and holds up well under the strain.

Small handyman companies

The handyman business is often a one or two man business which goes from house to house with the tools of the trade in the rear of a bakkie to accomplish odd jobs that the home owners either do not have the time or the expertise to complete. Being that they are such small enterprises they are generally on a limited budget and cannot afford a bigger truck or something like that. They make do with what they are able to afford. For more information on buy a car go to

The general pattern here’s that any person that needs to transport people or gear but has a really limited spending budget will make use of a bakkie or pickup. They are generally a great deal more affordable than a much more luxurious 4×4 or something along those lines. The actual bakkie is a great automobile for all those small to medium enterprises because of the lower cost of the vehicle and the versatility of the automobile.

If you are still unsure if a bakkie is the right kind of automobile for you then you may want to look around a little more to see if there is something out there that will do what you need done more efficiently than a bakkie. You may find that your spending budget and requirements are better suited to the four wheel drive or even a people carrier rather than a bakkie.


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