Types Of Fishing

A few women and men love the challenge of attempting to get a fish out of water. There are a number of different methods for doing this. All of them are some form of fishing though. Here is a look at a few different kinds of fishing that you might want to try if you have not already.

Fly fishing

This is probably one of the more technical types of fishing. The aim is to have the fly or lure on the end of your line appear to be a fly or some other insect that the prey finds delectable. You will have to cast the line a number of times permitting the actual fly to touch o the water as well as sit for a couple of seconds every time. You have to ensure that the fly lands in nearly the same place so the fish below have a better possibility of catching it as well as taking your hook at the same time. Additionally you have to be careful that you use the right technique as you can injure your wrist if you don’t do the casting properly.

Deep sea fishing

This form of fishing is always used when the fisherman is after some type of big, challenging fish. Some fishermen will go after shark as well as marling and that kind of thing. The normal thing is to go out on a boat and set a number of lines within the water with different kinds of bait on the end of each so that you have a good chance of attracting some kind of large fish. The person who’s turn it is to reel in the catch will be strapped into a chair as soon as a bite is had and will then be left to land the actual fish by themselves. The fight can go on four hours.

Game fishing

This is similar to deep sea fishing but can additionally take place on rivers such as the Zambezi where fish such as the tiger fish reside. The actual fish which are captured will tend to be fish that can be eaten or even kept as trophies. The larger the challenge the better. For more information on tourist destinations go to http://www.sekoma.co.za

Hand fishing

This is actually most likely one of the most difficult forms of fishing. There is no fishing rod and line involved. Instead the actual fisherman must stand in the water as well as catch the fish using the hands alone. It will take a lot of patience as well as skill. It’s usually freshwater fish such as catfish and trout which are caught in this manner.

As you can tell, there are plenty of different types of fishing there to give a try. You should definitely give all of them a go, even if it is just so that you can say you tried it. You may find that you prefer one or another of these over the rest but you will nevertheless enjoy the others. A few of the forms of fishing are more of a challenge than the others, it is up to you to decide when you have been challenged enough though!


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