Exactly Where You Get Your Wood From

There are occasions in life when you may need timber or wood of some kind. You may be trying out some kind of brand new crafts and arts project or you may be building a lapa in your yard. You might be a building project manager and need to have wood slats for your newest project. No matter what the reason, you are going to require wood and it must be good quality wood. You are able to only really get your wood from a wood yard or from a building materials provider. Where do they get their wood from?

They will get their wood from plantations which have been created specifically to supply this sort of business with the timber they need. There are companies out there that make their cash by growing and then chopping down trees as well as selling the actual resulting wood to wood yards and that type of place. There is really lots of work involved in this sort of company though and it is definitely not a get rich quick plan.

The first thing that a plantation will require is land, lots of land. If you drive towards the coast of South Africa from the Highveld you will probably go through some type of plantation land. The actual rolling hills are covered with trees as far as the eye is able to see, except for the black or bare spots where the trees have already been harvested. You will notice plantations owned by paper mills that tend toward the actual growing of things such as blue gum and wattle trees because they grow fast and are also a soft timber. You will also see other plantations that grow pine along with other kinds of harder wood for the making of furnishings and for building projects. For more information on fencing poles go to <a


Each plantation will cover many acres of land and the trees may have to grow for decades before they’re big enough to harvest and then sell. During this time the trees need to be pruned to get them to grow as straight as possible and they have to be guarded against pests that may destroy vast areas of trees and make them worthless even as fire wood.

The actual plantations will also have to harvest the trees once they are tall enough to bring in a great return on investment for your plantation owners. This will involve the purchase and use of heavy duty tree felling equipment and also the clearing of huge swatches of property in an exceedingly short period of time.

There’s much more to buying wood than just going to the local timber yard and choosing the pieces that you would like. The actual wood that you select needs to come from somewhere and it has to go through quite a bit of processing before it turns up at the wood yard for you to buy. You might want to bear that in mind the next time you are inclined to complain about the costs that you are being charged for what seems to be a simple piece of wood. Remember how long it took to produce it!


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