Wood Plantations Influence The Environment

For some time saw mills as well as wood merchants obtained their wood from rainforests and other natural stands of timber all over the world. This is no longer acceptable as well as pressure has been positioned upon them to discover additional sources of wood for their projects and customers. For this reason these day there are many plantations all over the world where trees are specifically cultivated for commercial use.

This is really extremely convenient for the timber merchants because they are now able to get straighter bits of lumber and do not need to search through the different types of wood that might be found in a natural setting to find the kind of wood that they would like or their customers want. Rather they know precisely what they have available and can produce the wood they need if they plan far enough ahead of time and plant the right trees.

These wood plantations have a number of effects on the environment however. Some of these effects are desirable and others are damaging.

The thing that these plantations have within their favor is the fact that they are helping to save the actual rainforests and other natural areas of forest from deforestation. They reduce the need of the timber merchant to harvest naturally occurring populations of trees. These types of plantations also help the ozone layer whilst the trees are growing to harvestable size. Just like natural areas of forest the actual trees consume green house gasses and produce oxygen which boosts the amount of oxygen in the air and so can help to prevent the hole within the ozone layer from growing. For more information on timber poles go to http://www.vukacmd.co.za.

The plantations may also have a negative impact on the environment however. If the plantation proprietor makes use of fertilizers to help the trees within their growth there is the possibility that this fertilizer will contaminate the local water supplies. Because it rains the fertilizer will be cleaned in to the soil and through the dirt into the subterranean water reservoirs that exist all over the world as well as feed the rivers as well as streams of our world. Even slight contamination of the ground water can have extreme effects on the local wildlife as well as plants. It has been known to decrease the biodiversity of close by bodies of water and may affect populations of wildlife and flora to the degree the dominating life forms change and the balance in the local population is removed. This is problematic and can cause many far reaching problems that are not yet fully understood.

As you can tell, though wood plantations have had a good effect on the environment they have to be managed very carefully to prevent or at least limit their own potential negative effects on the surrounding areas. It is hoped that after a while more eco-friendly fertilizers will be developed which are just as cost effective for the plantation owners and do not cause just as much damage to the surrounding areas. It is crucial that any wood land that’s fertilised is fertilised very carefully and the quantity of chemical seepage is actually monitored as well as managed as far as possible.


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