Attending To Relocating Offices

Moving from one office to another is not like shifting from one house to another. There is a lot more expensive gear involved, generally speaking, and there may be sensitive documents that need to be taken into account and taken care of. Here are some things that you might like to do if you are moving offices and are using a removals company to complete most of the work.

Computer systems and other hardware

If computers aren’t loaded correctly and aren’t handled with care they can easily corrupt their hard disk drives. This would lead to data loss and a great deal of hassle for everybody. You should make sure that every computer is packed into a box with foam packaging. If the foam is actually moulded then that’s best because it will help to keep the pc hard disk from being rattled during the move. All of the computers should be off, not in some kind of battery powered hibernate mode as this can leave hard drives spinning which is a great way to have the drives corrupted. The ideal will be to have every employee take their computer home with them and bring it back the following day if possible, however this isn’t necessarily possible or even advisable. It depends on how much you trust your workers and just how many of them there are. For more information on Office removals, go to


In the event you keep hard copies of employee information and customer records it is a wise decision to make certain that these documents are securely locked away before any moving is done. You do not want to have the moving company accidently getting a good look at your employee documents or customer files. This is a serious invasion of privacy and can get you into a lot of trouble. You also do not want the workers who are helping with the move to get a look at what other workers are earning. You could pack the actual documents in to lockable filing cupboards and clear the removal of the full cupboards with the office removals company. You could also remove the files from the filing cupboards and move them personally. This is likely the simplest way to ensure that no one who is not supposed to see the documents gets to see anything. It depends a good deal on what the office moving firm are prepared to permit and just how many documents you need to take care of in this manner.

Apart from these two things, moving the furniture out of your old office to a new one should go without a hitch. Just make sure that you give the moving company as much information as you possibly can with regards to the quantity of offices which will need to be emptied and just how many desks will need to be moved and all that kind of thing. You do not want to have all of them come prepared for a smaller move than you’ll need them to be prepared for. That will seriously inconvenience you because they won’t do the extra work and you’ll need to make a plan to make it happen.


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