Blueberries In Addition To Personal Wellbeing

There is an elevated incidence of obesity in many nations around the globe. It has resulted in a heightened incidence of conditions such as diabetes. Recent studies have been done in to the effects of eating foods like apples, pears and blueberries upon type 2 diabetes. The premise was that individuals who consume more of these fresh fruits have a lower risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Even though it is difficult, if not impossible, to definitively conclude whether a certain food is correlated with a reduced incidence of a particular situation, associations can nevertheless be found.

The study in questions involved a longitudinal study of two hundred thousand women and men over twenty four years. The study tracked their dietary habits over the period of the study. The monitoring involved having the participants complete survey questionnaires on a regular basis to estimate the regularity with which they consumed certain foods as well as beverages. None of the participants had diabetes of any type at the outset of the study. Over 12 thousand of the participants were identified as having diabetic issues during the study.

A review of the survey questionnaires revealed that people who consumed the greatest quantity of apples and blueberries had the lowest incidence of diabetes diagnosis. The greatest consumption of blueberries was a cup of the fruit per week and the highest consumption of apples was more than five apples each week. Individuals in these categories demonstrated a twenty three % lower incidence of diabetes type 2 at the end of the study. The study came to these findings after taking additional risk factors for example cigarette smoking, body weight and family history into consideration.

An earlier study carried out in Finland correlated with the findings of this study, although the Finnish study was much smaller than the American study. For more information on bioavailability, go to

Even though the fructose present in fresh fruits does tend to increase blood sugar levels quickly, the other ingredients in fresh fruits cannot be discounted as being good for the treatment as well as control of diabetic issues. Thus it is advisable to consume raw fruit instead of fruit drinks because recent evidence has come to light indicating that fruit drinks may be involved with increasing the risk of diabetes. This isn’t an unexpected conclusion as the production of fruit juices eliminates many of the beneficial elements of fruits.

It has been theorised the anti-oxidants and other minerals and vitamins in fruits such as blueberries have numerous health benefits. These bioflavonoids have been implicated in reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering high blood pressure as well as in the prevention of cancer.

There is very little doubt today that the addition of fresh fruits as well as veggies to your diet may improve your health significantly. The old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away wasn’t far wrong when it comes to the prevention of diabetes. Ensure that you get all of the vegetables and fruit that you ought to be getting every day to help to ensure that you remain as healthy as you possibly can.


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