Choosing The Way To Do Your Property Move

Every new home owner wants their move to set off without a problem, however this can be very hard to achieve. There is a lot that should be arranged and you may not remember to do everything in time if you don’t plan properly. Here are a few things that you should think of before you even start to do any preparing so you know what you ought to plan.


You will need to get all your possessions in to containers. There are two choices when it comes to doing this though. You may either pack the actual containers yourself and have them all ready for the moving company which you hire to do the actual move for you or you can have the removals company do the packing for you. They will then provide the boxes and man power and packaging material that is required for your belongings and do all the heavy lifting for you.


Additionally, you will want to get all of your belongings from the old home to the brand new one. You’ve got a few options when it comes to organizing this though. You can do it by means of transporting things in your vehicle or even borrowing a friend’s bakkie or something along those lines. This will likely include lots of heavy-lifting and some careful planning though. You can also hire a truck as well as pack and drive the truck yourself, or perhaps hire a driver if you don’t have the correct driver’s permit. You will still have to do the heavy lifting unless you hire some muscle but you will only have to do a couple of journeys. You could also obtain a moving company to get it done all for you. They will load your belongings in a vehicle that is the right size and un-load them on the other end for you. For more information on Office removals, go to


If you are going to be doing the moving your self then you are going to need to do the unpacking yourself too, unless you want to hire someone off the street or from a domestic services company to come and get it done for you. You could also get the furniture moving company to do the actual unpacking for you if you like. It is completely up to you and just how easily you feel you will be able to coordinate the stowing of your possessions if you get someone else to do the unpacking for you.

It’s a good idea to remember that the more you manage to do on your own the more cash you are going to save, however the entire moving process is going to take a lot longer than when you get someone else to do a large amount of the work for you. Make sure that you plan things properly and choose how much time you have available and how much you need the actual moving company to do for you prior to getting started so you do not end up with mayhem.


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