Healthy Food Choices For Immune Enhancing

It has been well documented that a healthy way of life is a superb technique to prolong your lifetime and enhance your quality of life. People who live healthy lifestyles report fewer incidences of infection and illness and don’t suffer from injury as seriously as those who live an unhealthy life style. There are a number of healthy foods that you could add to your diet that can help to enhance your defense mechanisms and improve your quality of life as a result.


Apricots are full of beta-carotene. This flavonoid can be used within the control of free radicals and can also help to protect your vision. An apricot is low in calories (only an average of 17 per apricot) and contains no fat. This makes it an excellent fruit for those who are on a weight loss diet. For more information on lycopene, go to


Mangoes are high in ascorbic acid which can be used in the immune system when fighting illness. Ascorbic Acid can also be useful for the prevention of arthritis because it is an anti-oxidant that targets the impurities that cause arthritis. A single mango can offer nearly the whole recommended daily allowance of ascorbic acid for an adult.


Cantaloupes will also be full of vitamin C (a single cantaloupe can contain around twice the recommended daily allowance for an adult). Additionally they contain a great deal more potassium than bananas do (almost four times as much), which means that this fresh fruit is a good one to consume if you have high blood pressure. They’re also low in calories and fat which makes them great additions to a weight loss diet.


It’s a little known fact that tomatoes are in fact a fruit not a veggie! Tomatoes have been known to reduce the chances of bladder, stomach as well as colon cancer. A tomato a day keeps the oncologist away!


Onions are also full of cancer stopping anti-oxidants and are low in fat and calories. They might not be the best smelling addition to your daily diet, but the smell is worth the additional benefits.


Broccoli is high in both ascorbic acid and beta-carotene. This combination will help to improve your immune system as well as help to protect your vision. The combination of minerals and vitamins as well as flavonoids in broccoli has been known to help with the prevention of breast cancer.


Spinach is also high in a number of carotenoids. These types of biological compounds have been found to reduce the incidence of macular degeneration. This means that consuming enough green spinach may help you to retain your sight well into your old age.

Nuts and beans

Foods such as peanuts as well as pinto beans have been known to reduce the risk of heart related illnesses. Nuts do tend to be higher in fat and calories and so have to be eaten in moderation if you’re on a weight loss diet.

There are many other foods that you can add to your diet plan that will help the body to maintain itself and also to boost your immune system. Keep eating healthy and live a long life.


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