Keeping Your Current Infant Completely Happy

A paediatrician named Dr. Harvey Karp has created a set of four concepts that are designed to keep your infant happy. He bases the theories as well as principles on childhood development differences between the newborn baby and older babies. The principles were developed because he discovered that the medical profession did not have a solution to colic, an issue that plagues many new families.

The first thing that Dr Karp discovered was that there are large differences between your brain structure of a newborn baby and a three month old child. These variations are due to the large developmental leaps the kid makes in the first few months, and even years, of life. He then went looking for a remedy for the colicky child or babies that just wouldn’t settle down.

He found that there were ethnicities in the world where this kind of behaviour was rare. These ethnicities were generally considered to be primitive in nature but showed rather advanced baby calming techniques that Dr Karp has developed into his four concepts.

It’s his theory that infants cry a good deal because they’re theoretically born 3 months too soon. This really is necessary because of the human physique but does mean that parents have to learn how to help their child through the “missing’ 4th trimester.

His additional principles involve a calming reflex that is an immediate off switch for crying as well as grizzling as well as the 5 “s’s” of soothing a crying baby (swaddling, side/stomach position, shushing, swinging as well as sucking) and also the “Cuddle cure” which involves using the previous principle in just the right way to soothe a baby that will not quit crying. Dr Karp claims that these 4 principles are a vital part of establishing a regular sleeping, waking and feeding routine for a baby. For more information on Educational toys, go to

There’s some degree of controversy surrounding his principles. Lots of people feel that they can’t work even though many parents have discovered they do. It looks like they are being included in ante natal courses more and more frequently however, and there does not appear to be any harm in using the principles. Provided, of course, that they are utilized properly.

It has been established for quite a while that children develop at various speeds and need to be stimulated according to their developmental level. There is no reason why an infant is actually any different simply because they are younger and less developed than older kids. The actual stimulation merely needs to take on a different form. A form that’s recognisable to the baby and pitched at the appropriate developmental level for that child. Dr Karp’s techniques don’t claim to be a cure all for each situation however. They are not an alternative for good paediatric treatment when a kid is ill nor should you neglect all other types of stimulation for your child. They’re simply concepts designed to help brand new parents deal with a colicky baby which no amount of western medication could make stop crying.


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