Should You Be Using Organic Supplements?

There appears to be a move in the health aware community towards the utilization of herbal or natural supplements instead of the various medications that can be prescribed. There are things that you have to be aware of if you are contemplating taking this step.

The difference between a drug and a health supplement

A drug is a chemical substance that’s intended as well as manufactured to extend life, deal with a health condition, improve quality of life or modify the function of some reaction within the body. Most natural supplements are classified as health supplements, not drugs. They aren’t able to make the same therapeutic claims that drugs are. The actual intention is for them to be used as a supplement not as a replacement for any food or even medicine.

Drugs are created through a process which eliminates any potentially harmful chemicals and substances from the animal or even plant product which forms the base of the actual drug. They’re also frequently synthesised to avoid the accidental introduction of these potentially harmful substances. Herbal supplements make use of the crude herbs and thus do not go through the refinement process as well as, as a result, a few of the potentially harmful substances may get into the dietary supplements.


There are an increasing number of concerns from the healthcare community as to the increased utilization of herbal supplements. This is due to the number of herbal medicines available on the market, some of which are fake supplements. It is thought that these concerns could be set to rest by the introduction of a registration of natural supplements with the proper authorities thus ensuring the proper quality and classification of the dietary supplements as well as an avenue for consumer complaints in the event of a supplement causing a condition to get worse.

The benefits

With all this having been sais, it’s important to note that the potential benefits to the consumption and use of herbal or natural supplements is worth it. Most users of these dietary supplements report an improvement with health following consistent use over a period of time. For more information on bioflavonoids, go to


It is always best to ensure that you consult with your physician before adding any herbal medicines to your diet plan. When there is any kind of concern that the supplement will interfere with medicine that you are taking or a condition from which you suffer, then your physician will be the one to advise you of this and warn you against taking the supplement under consideration. Particular herbal supplements can cause liver damage and may worsen pre-existing heart, liver or kidney complaints.

Always follow the directions to the letter. The actual instructions for use on herbal supplements are just as important as the ones on prescription drugs. Overdosing or incorrect use can have dire consequences that are easily avoided through simply doing as directed.

Do not replace conventional medication with herbal medicines. Though the producers may claim that their supplement can help with particular problems it is never better to cease standard therapy in favour of the herbal supplement.

Your health is precious. Make sure that you take care of it.


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