Video Games Are Not All Unhealthy

With the improvements in technology more and more video consoles are becoming available and many more youngsters are tending to sit down in front of the television playing games rather than spending some time outdoors, much to the despair of their parents. There is hope however, there’s a theory that playing video games (in moderation) could be good for your son or daughter.

Even though it is difficult to get children to play academic games, there could be educational benefits to almost every single video game out there. Let us have a look at some things that are common to many video games and may benefit your son or daughter.

Strategic thinking

Many video games require the player to think ahead as well as plan their moves in advance. This is a type of strategic thinking. As the kid plays these types of video games more frequently the future planning gets habitual and the kid will start to apply that type of thinking in their day to day lives.

Solving problems

The majority of video games may have some type of puzzle or issue to solve. Many video games are centred about a problem that has to be resolved with lots of smaller sized issues to solve along the way. This encourages the player to think in terms of both the small and big picture, a skill which will be invaluable later in life.

Hand eye co-ordination

The need to make use of a controller to manoeuvre the character round the game universe is a superb way to improve hand eye coordination and fine motor skills. If you are doubtful of this, merely attempt to play the game that your child was flying through a few minutes ago. The amount of control required to achieve the desired motion of the character on-screen is quite high.

Fast decision making

Video games most often take place in real time. Which means that events pass quickly and thus choices need to be made rapidly. There is always an unexpected situation that will need to be dealt with rapidly and decisively. This prepares the gamer for thinking on their feet.


Many video games occur in fantasy worlds filled with creatures weird and fantastic. It’s been theorised this type of stimulation may improve the imagination of kids as it opens them up to possibilities that they will not have otherwise considered.


The actual worlds in which the video games take place are generally vast. The gamer is required to recall the location of particular items and how to get to them. They also have to remember goals and also the various functions of items that they gather as they move through the game. For more information on Educational games, go to


Most of the strategic games demand a lot of patience to complete. There are hardly any video games that can be completed in a single sitting and some tasks will need serious dedication to solve. A few activities will have to be reattempted a number of times before an appropriate technique is found for completing them.

This does not mean that you can leave your son or daughter in front of the gaming console all day. Outdoor play continues to be important.


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