What Games For Your Children?

Many parents have found they both have to work an whole day job to be able to make ends meet as the economic depression takes its toll on our incomes and the costs of commodities and necessities. This has resulted in an increased need for children to be left at after school programs whilst their mothers and fathers work, or to be left with an au pair or even nanny of some type. It is crucial that these additional caretakers are prepared to help your children with the development that they should be undergoing at whatever age they currently are. This is where the parent will need to provide games for kids that will help their caretakers.

There are plenty of choices when it comes to supplying academic amusement for your kids. Some of these require the intervention of the nanny while others can be done by the children by themselves.

Video games

Although there is a concern that too many youngsters are spending a lot of time in front of the television and video console, there is some good that can come from this kind of activity. There are many advantages to video games. They are able to promote things such as strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities in addition to fine motor control as well as imagination development. If you are cautious about what games you permit your son or daughter to play then you should not have problems with violence and that kind of thing. It’s also wise to ensure that the caretaker is able to enforce a time limit on the amount of game time each kid is actually allowed.


These are excellent for problem solving as well as fine motor skill development. It is important that the actual puzzles are selected for the level your child is at. A 3 year old child won’t be able to complete a thousand piece puzzle of the Eiffel Tower for example and will quickly lose interest if this is tried. Puzzles may require the intervention of the nanny nevertheless, particularly if the child is still getting started and does not have much interest in the activity as yet. For more information on ECD, go to http://www.brainboosters.co.za

Arts and crafts

This is a great way to encourage the development of creativity and fine motor skills. There are many ideas on the web that you can make use of to keep your child entertained. Given some materials and plenty of room, many kids will come up with something that they want to make. You will have to ensure that younger kids have supervision particularly if they’re going to be using scissors and glue and that kind of thing.

Even as a full time working parent there are things that you can do to help your children’s development progress. You simply need enough imagination and a nanny that you can depend on to really make use of the activities that you prepare. Games for children come in a range of shapes and sizes and difficulty levels. Help your child prepare for the future with this kind of game. It is worth it.


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