The Actual Refinement Of Wood

There are a lot of construction tasks in evidence all over the country of South Africa. Many of these tasks will use wood of some kind. They will generally make use of wood within the support beams of the roof for many buildings plus they could use wood panelling in the interior decor. Then there is the wood for doors and skirting boards and all types of things like that. The question is, exactly where does all this wood come from?

The answer is simple. The wood originates from plantations. It cannot be utilized in its raw form however, there’s quite a bit of processing that has to be carried out before the harvested trees can be utilized in a building project or for furniture or something along those lines.

The very first thing which has to be done is the trees need to be felled. The actual plantations will have the equipment to accomplish this and will do so on a regular basis to make certain that they also have a ready supply of wood for the wood mills to process. Every time a section of the plantation is cleared new trees are planted. This really is to make sure that the actual plantation does not run out of trees to fell.

When the trees have been felled they are cut into logs and stripped of their limbs. These leftovers are often sent to be pulped and turned into paper as well as board or chipboard. Which means that a lot less is actually squandered and the plantations are a lot more eco friendly. The actual logs are then sent to wood mills to be refined.

The logs are stripped of their bark and are cut to the shape that is in demand. They may be cut to planks of various thicknesses or perhaps they may be chipped as well as turned into chipboard. It all depends on what the customers of the lumber mill require. The planks and chipboard will be treated with a variety of chemicals to make sure that they are safe from the predations of wood boring insects for a good while to come. For more information on wood poles, go to

As soon as that is carried out, the actual finished products are delivered to the construction companies or the building materials suppliers to distribute and make use of. The chipboard will probably be delivered in large sheets to those companies that manufacture things like doors and chipboard furnishings.

There is a lot of processing involved with turning a tree in to lumber or wood pieces that can be used within manufacturing as well as construction. There is the treatment and also the cutting and also the transportation of the wood to do. It’s no easy task and the plantations have a large amount of employees that they need to manage and pay to keep things running smoothly.

The next time you see a construction going up and see that they’re using wood, take a moment to think about how much work went into creating those wooden items and making it usable. You will really be amazed at what you can see just from taking a look at what the wood looks like.


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